Linked List

Linked List:

Singly Linked List:

  1. Introduction to Linked List.
  2. Linked List vs Array.
  3. Insertion in a Linked List ( at front, end, after a given node).
  4. Sorted insert in linked list.
  5. Length of a linked list (Iterative and Recursive).
  6. Deleting a node from Linked List ( node with a given key).
  7. Delete a node from Linked List ( at a given position).
  8. Delete a complete Linked List (Remove all Nodes)
  9. Search an Element in a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive).
  10. Display Nth node of a Linked List.
  11. Display Nth node from end of a Linked List.
  12. Reverse a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive).
  13. Reverse groups of nodes in Linked List.
  14. Reverse alternate groups of nodes in Linked List.
  15. Deletion of a node using only a pointer to it.
  16. Delete alternate nodes in a Linked List.
  17. Delete all nodes that have greater value on their right side.
  18. Delete a given number of nodes after specified number of nodes.
  19. Count number of occurrences of an integer in a Linked List.
  20. Print linked list in reverse using recursion.
  21. Split alternate nodes into two separate Linked Lists.
  22. Merge two sorted Linked Lists.
  23. Merge two sorted Linked Lists in reverse order.
  24. Sort linked list consisting of 0’s 1’s and 2’s.
  25. Shift last node to front of Linked List.
  26. Removal of duplicate nodes from unsorted linked list.
    1. Removal of duplicate nodes from sorted linked list.
  27. Check if given linked lists are identical.
  28. Print middle of Linked List.
  29. Check if a linked list is a palindrome or not.
  30. Union and Intersection of two Linked Lists.
  31. Merge Sort a Linked List.
  32. Rotate Linked List.
  33. Intersection of two sorted linked lists.
  34. Find point of intersection of linked lists (Part 1).
    1. Find point of intersection of linked lists (Part 2).
  35. Remove middle points from linked list of line segments.
  36. Quicksort a linked list.
  37. Insertion sort on a singly linked list.
  38. Sort linked list whose alternate nodes are in ascending and descending order.
  39. Alternating merge of two linked lists.
  40. Swap adjacent nodes of linked list.
  41. Swap data of adjacent nodes in a linked list.
  42. Swap two given nodes in linked list.
  43. Rearrange a given linked list.
  44. Group even and odd numbers in a linked list.

Doubly Linked List (DLL):

  1. Introduction to Doubly Linked List (DLL).

Circular Linked List :

  1. Introduction to circular Linked List.